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About me

The first time I met a Bedlington terrier has been unexpectedly involving and shining. A life time meeting!

Raffaella Gammella with her belovev bedlingtons

My first Bedlington "Absolutely Perfect dei Boschi" gave me the opportunity to know the character and the kindness of this breed. So I began to attend the dog shows.

Then I met Simila and Rolando Mattiolini, owners of the Kennel "Camugliano". This was one of the fundamental points to start showing. Thanks to them I was so lucky to own one of theirs subjects, Absolutely China Silk "Heidi", gifted of an excellent structure. She displayed to be a true outstanding star in the show ring, winning Best in Show at the Italian Terrier Special in Grosseto on 2004.

After this encouraging result, the desire to breed Bedlington Terriers "seriously" grew out on me. Unfortunately, there was nothing in Italy that approached my way to "see" the Bedlington terrier.

Importing a bitch from France, Tempête Des Héaux De Bréhat "Chantal", gave the start to my breeding. This bitch has produced my best offsprings. In the mean time a very nice friendship was established between the French breeder Madeleine Perret and me, and since that day our relationship and collaboration are consolidated.

All my gratitude goes to Lorenza Peruggini , owner of the "Legend of Crudy" Kennel, that made me meet the Swedish "Velvety Kennel", from where I imported a very important stud dog for my breeding program: Velvety the Name Of The Game.

All my breeding stocks are tested for Copper Toxicosis. I don't breed carriers (1.2) but only free (1.1). I do carefully select the puppy-buyers and keep track of them constantly, always being available for all needs of the new owners.

I like to have a very close relationship with all my dogs, we all live together "passionately". I consider owning a Bedlington terrier is a "privilege". In the evening, after a long day of work, when I sit down relaxing on the sofa, it's happen that in front of me I can watch the nicest of the movies and that is, to admire as everyone, with their soft steps, take each one it's own place close to my heart! I always thanks my dogs, for their patience in the show rings, their unconditional affection, my constancy and perseverance that contribute now and then, to create a solid type that, at least, attempts to look at the breed's future.